Video evidence of my road trip this summer around the country.

Road Trippin’

When people hear “radiation,” they might think about atomic bombs or The Hulk. But a little radiation, like what’s in the St. Louis area’s West Lake Landfill, probably won’t hurt you. Shot and edited by me for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

How bad is radiation, really?

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in St. Louis wants to move to a new site. The favorites seem to be in North St. Louis City and St. Clair County. Illinois officials market their possible site as more “secure,” while St. Louis officials are using urban renewal prospects to lure the government […]

City vs. county: The battle for the NGA in St. ...

I check out my first fish fry, which are popular in St. Louis around Lent, at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church.

New to the Lou: Fish Fry

I started a satirical YouTube series called ‘Lightly News,’ where I discuss/make fun of culture, social issues and the English language. In this video, I take the the slang term “that work” (which usually means drugs or skills in a sport) and twist it to show how the word’s meaning […]

Lightly News: “What is ‘That Work?'”

St. Louis apparently loves trivia nights, so I visit one and test my knowledge of random facts. Shot, edited and everything else by yours truly.

New to the Lou: Trivia Night

I strap a GoPro to my head, climb the amazing City Museum and learn more about its amazing exhibits from museum director Rick Erwin. Shot and edited by yours truly.

New to the Lou: Climbing the City Museum