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Marcia Iza puts everything she can into her Chicago home, but a decade of domestic abuse and a long foreclosure process almost stole it from her. Through persistence and the help of an Albany Park social change organization called Centro Autonomo, she ensured her family would never leave. I shot […]

A piece of land in America

There are now more Uber cars than yellow cabs in New York City. USA TODAY took a look at other apps that can take away calling other people for assistance.

Uber and other digital life-changers

nigel barker
Fashion photographer Nigel Barker has shot everybody who’s anybody in the style world, but can he turn USA TODAY’s Arienne Thompson into a fashion model in less than a minute?! She took a chance at his ‘Models of Influence’ book signing at DCanter. I shot (under some tough time constraints) […]

Striking a pose (in 45 seconds) with Nigel Barker