St. Louis apparently loves trivia nights, so I visit one and test my knowledge of random facts. Shot, edited and everything else by yours truly.

New to the Lou: Trivia Night

I strap a GoPro to my head, climb the amazing City Museum and learn more about its amazing exhibits from museum director Rick Erwin. Shot and edited by yours truly.

New to the Lou: Climbing the City Museum

This year was the Gateway Arch’s 50th birthday, so I talked to locals to see what the monument actually meant to them. Shot and edited by me. Graphic by me as well.

New to the Lou: The Gateway Arch turns 50

‘The Darkness,’ is supposedly one of the scariest haunted houses in St. Louis and the country. Naturally, I had to check it out for my new web series “New to the Lou.” Shot by Christian Gooden. Edited by myself.

New to the Lou: The Darkness

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.47.07 PM
A decade of domestic abuse and a long foreclosure process almost stole Marcia Iza’s home from her. Through persistence and help from an Albany Park organization called Centro Autonomo, she ensured her family would never leave. The full story contains interactive, text and photo elements. The story website is here

A piece of land in America

There are now more Uber cars than yellow cabs in New York City. USA TODAY took a look at other apps that can take away calling other people for assistance.

Uber and other digital life-changers